We get a script error resolving the recipient's data values.
"Script error evaluating
expression [IDVault.get(recipient , 'user2', 'cN')]"
If we use "initiator" instead of "recipient" it works fine.

What could go wrong?

That's what the jboss-log points out:
Activity: start, Recipient: CN=satest,OU=TRANSIT,O=CORPDIR, Secondary User:
17:39:39,451 INFO [LogEvent] [Workflow_Forwarded] Initiated by System,
Process ID: a815b090400049dc8eac8a5243ced5d4, Process Name:
,CN=RequestDefs,CN=AppConfig,CN=UserApplication,CN =v35DriverSet,OU=IDM,O=SERVICE,
Activity: start, Recipient: CN=satest,OU=TRANSIT,O=CORPDIR
17:39:39,490 WARN [WorkflowNotification] Script error evaluating
expression [IDVault.get(recipient , 'user2', 'oU')] .

As many others, I do not want to get my mailbox full of spam.
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