Hello all,

Please bare with these rather naive questions regarding the U.A. I'm
trying to confirm/infirm some possibilities for a customer and I cannot
find all the information I'd need in the Novell documentation.

Is there any other way to do load balancing + fault tolerance with U.A.
beyond using JBoss clustering ?
I suppose one way would be to have two completely distinct U.A. installs
(each with its own DB) and do load-balancing through a dedicated device
(web gateway/proxy).
Any other idea ? I highly suspect running two separate instances of the
U.A. using the same DB (but without configuring JBoss clustering) is a
big no-no !?

Also, how does the U.A. scale in terms of performance ? I cannot find
any sort of guidelines regarding hardware specs for an approximate
number of users. I suspect the DB doesn't grow much since we're mostly
dealing with user data stored in the directory. What about memory usage
? How much memory is required per HTTPS session to the server ? Any
other hint in this regard ?

Thanks in advance for any help/hint/clue,