Hi, All.
I need build complex (8-10 Activity) and prolonged (4-7 days) workflow
with passing many values between fields of activities.
What are best practices and configurations of reliable save and pass data
between activities: flowdata, fireEvent with customdata, intermediate
writing and reading in eDir with Entity, .. ?
I tested flowdata.... in small workflow all work fine. But in complex
workflow in my test environment contents of some flowdata in first
activities are accessible from 5,6 activities, but don't accessible from
8-10 activities (flowdata.get in pre-activity and email notify are empty
sometimes). Are problemns in environment or/and its my conceptual mistake
of using flowdata as storage for long period of time? Where does save data
of flowdata, who long?
I use UserApp 3.5.1, eDir 8.8.2 on SLES10sp1 and Disigner 2.1.1.

Sorry, for my bad English.