We use eGuide as our White Pages. I would like to setup a profile
portlet that will display the logged in users eGuide Profile.

I have created an iFrame Portlet called White Pages Profile. Using the
eGuide detail.get command I have been able to build a portlet that will
do what I want, except I have not figured out how to pass into this
portlet the user CN or DN. eGuide does not require user authentication
to display any user.

'eGuide Documentation'
look under eGuide Action Commands/Command Parameters and Examples (near
the bottom)

Here is what I have built, so far. Parameters for the iFrame portlet:


URL/Form Parameters:
User.dn=<user DN goes here in LDAP form>
Directory.uid=<eGuide LDAP Data Source Name>

All other parameters at defaults

All works well when I put in a fixed DN for a user, except that all
users see the same profile (the poor soul whom I chose for the fixed
DN). What I want to do is substitute the DN of the user who logged
into User App.

I have tried putting in the $PORTLET_AUTH_ID$ variable, with and
without POST turned on. Without POST, the resulting URL has is
"$PORTLET_AUTH_ID$" inserted instead of substituting the value of the
variable. With POST, the page was blank.

All users are in the same container, so if I only had to swap in the
CN, that is possible.

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