Yesterday I did a completely new install of the User Application 3.0.1 on
a Windows 2000 SP4 server. Since the Requests and Approvals functionality
is not needed, I wanted to remove this for the user.

When going to the Headerportlet, Preferences, I was able to change this
for the default English language. When clicking on 'Details' to also
change this for the Dutch language, the following error message came

com.novell.afw.portal.aggregation.EboPortletInfoBe an: id
[PortletPreferenceSheet] iid [PAC.PortletPreferenceSheet] timeout [-1]
multithread [true]: Unknown error in XPath.

Also checked a few other portlets, and they are giving the same error
when clicking on any kind of 'Details'. Did a completely new install just
to be sure, this gave the same result.

Anybody know what is causing this?