So after going 'round and 'round with the Detail portlet, we now know
that it can't be used to display a simple pre-formatted text file. But,
maybe the HTML portlet can? So I'm trying to do this and I seem to be
missing something: how to tell the HTML portlet what to show.

In the directory, I have people (object class = User) and departmental
organizations (object class = ou) objects. I need to display people as
a whitepages application, and departments as a yellowpages. People are
working fine.

Departments have name (cn), email address, and need to have a large,
preformatted text (or HTML) file displayed.

I created a new instance of Search List called "Search List
Organizations". I set it up to search OU type objects, so it returns the
list of departments searched for. This works.

I registered a new instance of HTML as "Organization Detail".

I set up the Detail Portlet in this instance of Search to be this
"Organization Detail" instance of the HTML portlet.

So far so good. Now, how do I tell this HTML portlet what URL I want it
to display for each of these organizations objects? I need to pass it a
URL or a partial URL or something, but I'm not seeing how to do that.

David Gersic

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