i have a question about the functionality "Task Team".
The scenario is the following:

I have created two teams. In the first there's a manager named ALICE and
the members of the team are all the users of the application. In the
second, similarly, there's a manager BOB and the members are all the users
If ALICE perform a request to enable a user for a particular application,
I would see this in "task request" page but only in ALICE's portal, and
not in BOB's. But actually, with the classic option of Team Task and my
scenario, this is impossibile (I can only filter with Recipient or
Addressee of the task). With both users (ALICE and BOB) i can see all task
that involve the different users, because every user is contained in ALICE
and BOB's team. I would that only the manager that perform the request is
able to view that task (I think that this is equal to filter team task
with the INITIATOR, and not with RECIPIENT or ADDRESSEE).

How can i perform my objective? exist a functionality that allow me to
relize this?

thanks in advance,