We have been running the IDM 3.5.0 user application for some time now, but
just recently installed Novell Audit to store an audit of digital
signatures from the workflow engine. I am having some trouble getting the
userapp to record these events in Novell Audit.

Looking at the installation documentation, during the initial user
application installation process, there is an option to specify a secure
logging server and a cache file on the local machine running the userapp.
We left this empty during the initial userapp install some time ago,
because we weren't using Novell Audit.

Is there a way to update this userapp configuration to point to the
correct secure logging server and cache file location without a complete
userapp reinstall? I'd like to avoid a reinstall if possible. We have
the Novell Audit agent installed on the box running the userapp, so I
think the only piece missing is completing the userapp configuration.

Thanks for your help!