We are running the UserApp in a clustered JBoss environment and it is
working well with one exception: When a user selects the "Request and
Approvals" tab, it takes 30 seconds or more to load. If they go back
to the Self Service tab and then back it comes back immediately. If
they log out and log back in immediately, they are able to load
Requests and approvals immediately. If they log out wait a period of
time and log back in, it then takes a while to get into the Requests
and Approvals tab.

This seems to me like some type of back end caching issue. I don't see
any errors in the log. The interesting thing is that if one user goes
in and gets it to load, it loads fine for other users after that point
for a period of time.

Is anyone aware of some cache setting or other setting that needs to be
adjusted to improve this situation?



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