In my ongoing saga of trying to validate a simple one-text-item form,
I'm not getting what I expect out of IDVault.globalQuery(). I'm trying
to allow a user to request a new email alias, and validate that it's not
already in use. Email address is stored on the mailLocalAddress
attribute of the user objects. I have a query defined in the DAL to
query for this attribute.

I'm calling it as:

val=IDVault.globalQuery(null,"EmailAlias",{"qalias ":field.getValue()});

This should return the DN(s) of any objects found with a matching
attribute in an ArrayList. But this:

if(val.size == 0)

doesn't seem to ever be true, regardless of what I pass in for the

The UserApp design guide doc says that IDVault.globalQuery() "first
column of the result list (always a DN) is used for the data value, the
second column is used for the display lable." That seems to me to
suggest that val.size will never be 0, since even an otherwise empty
list would still return a display lable, meaning that an "empty" list
returned by IDVault.globalQuery() would be val.size=1.

Yes? No? Am I reading the docs wrong?

David Gersic

I'm tired of receiving rubbish in my mailbox, so the E-mail address is
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