I had a server running IDM 3.5, user app 3.5 and imanager 2.6 on the same
server. User App was running on ports 18080/18443/18009 and iManager on
ports 8080/8443/8005, and everything worked fine. Yesterday I upgraded IDM
to 3.5.1 and installed both the new user app 3.5.1 and iManager 2.7 from
scratch. iManager works fine for both http and https, but I cannot open up
the User App over ssl (https:18843), the connection times out. The regular
http access works without any problem. I used the same cacerts file I was
using with a self signed cert and the same SSL configuration in server.xml
as I had in the 3.5 install.

This morning I went ahead and installed our soon to be User App production
server. The only thing running on it is the User App 3.5.1 on ports
8080/8443/8009. I am having the same problem, with Http connection working
fine and https connections timing out.