This is probably more of an eDir question, but here goes:

We have a bunch of "non-company" employees (ie, contractors, etc.)

For the Company employees, they exist in our payroll system which we
sync via IDM Text Driver into eDir. We populate their manager field
because the Payroll system knows that information.

But for the "outside" people they don't exist in our payroll system.

We'd like to only let the "outside" people edit the Manager attribute in
User App.

What's the BEST method to do this?

I was thinking:

1) Create a dynamic edir group that found users with "blank" manager
field and assign the appropriate trustee rights for self-editing
(assuming this can be done).

2) More work would be to make another entity with the duplicate
information and then make copies of the Edit portlet and assign it to
those users, but that sounds like a lot of work.

Anyone else have some ideas?