How about a little help for a newbie?
We have Identity Manager 3.51 installed, primarily to synchronize data
eDir<->AD and eDir->GroupWise. We have the AD driver installed on a
server that we also use to do almost all of our iManager stuff.

We are looking at the using the Userapplication to replace our Virtual
Office (since that's going away with OES1).

I'd like some information on what I should be setting up as the base
server for this.

We're planning a virtual server, SLES10 SP1. I'm assuming we should also
install Apache2 and MySQL. I'll probably select the LAMP installation
pattern (unless I hear convincing reasons contrary).

Beyond that, I don't know what I need to install, besides the Identity
Manager portion.

Does the server need OES2?
Does it need to hold a replica?
If so, replica's of both the identity driver partion and the root partiton?
Do I need to install JBoss?

Any/all suggestions would be appreciated.