I'm sure I'm doing something wrong.

I specified that the "My Profile" should be the starting page for users.

However, when we login, we see the little menu choices on the left-hand
side, but the content on the RIGHT-hand side is the guest welcome page.

I have setup the SearchList portlet as public access, but that's not the
starting page that people are assigned to.

I should note that it only seems to do that if I access the page via
iChain for some odd reason.

I have NO formfill setup for the User App, yet it somehow authenticates
me automatically anyway, just to the wrong page.

The URL it takes me to if I login via iChain (I originally type in:
http://userapp.abc.com/IDM) is:


But, if I login directly (again, going to:
http://userapp.abc.com:8080/IDM), it redirects me to:


Where I then have to click the Login link which will take me to:

after I login there, the URL I get is:


And then I see my stuff.