I am currently having a problem to enable GroupWise SSO in the IDM User
Application portal (3.5.1)

Following the documentation i must enable SSO through the preference
tab of the IDMLoginPortlet. But i don't have an "IDMLoginPortlet"!!
I checked the LoginPortlet, but the preference tab shows "-Content does
not have any preferences-".

I configured the GroupWise portal with "Use Scoped path" settings en
tried with login settings (${User/simpleid} with
${Application/login-pass} and ${Application/login-user} with
${Application/login-pass}), but with no results. The Groupwise login
GUI shows up in the portal, but i must login!

text in Documentation:
To enable SSO in the login portlet:
1 Log in to the portal as the User Application Administrator.
2 Select the Administration tab.
3 Select the Portlet Admin tab.
4 Expand Portlet Applications.
5 Expand IDM.
6 Expand the IDMLoginPortlet.
7 Click the second-level IDMLoginPortlet.
8 Select the Preferences tab.
9 Set the Enable SSO preference to True.
10 Click Save Preferences.

Does anyone have a tip for me? Thanks in advanced for the reply
Eric de Vries

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