I have an html control/field placed in a form in Designer. In that html
field I have the content block specified as follows:

(function () {return "<input type="button" value="Click Me!"
onClick="Hello()">";} )

Additionally on the scripts tab for the form I have the following script.

function Hello() {

Now when I goto the form in a web browser I see the button but I get
this nasty error:

html1:An error '[object Error]' was encountered while executing the
script '(function () [return "##THE HTML BUTTON SHOWS UP HERE##";} )'
(Expected ';')

If I click the button it works correctly. (and I get an alert saying

Anyone have any ideas why I'm seeing this error if the button works
correctly? I've tried going back and monkeying with the syntax a
million different ways and even through in semi-colons since that's what
it appears to be asking for. But to no avail no matter how I tweak the

Any help greatly appreciated.