We have a highly customised version of Novell's PWM for our password
self serve.

It utlises NMAS and the same attributes as the User App password self
serve so there would be no problems using both at the same time or
switching over to the User App one completely.

But at the moment we do not want to do that as some of the features
missing from the User App password self serve are:

1. Ability to use CAPTCHA
2. Ability to address each of the functions as a seperate URL. i.e
Forgotten Password, Change Password and Enter Challenge Questions are
all different URLs.
3. Ability to treat it as a portlet with WebSphere Portal Server.

We wish to be able to access PWM from the password menu options in
User App.

We would also like to use the password features in User App such as
Password Sync Status and Password Policy Status.

Hs anybody had experience in integrating an external password self
serve into User App?

Anybody have any idea how diffciult it may be?

Any documentation that may help?

Any help with this will be appreciated.