Since Novell doesn't let me search on one set of things, yet display a
different set (and since I cannot NOT search on Manager without breaking
the Org Chart), I end up with like 6 items in the Search pull-down list.

Unfortunately in the Search Results window, it shows all 6 attributes,
but due to the length of the data in some of the attributes, the column
headers get squished together and it makes reading them VERY difficult.

Is there a way to change the format of the Search Results List window
(like for example, you get an HTML editor for Detail and I think Org
Chart, but I don't see it for Search Result Window). Or maybe adjust
the font size a little bit?

Or maybe make it show some of the lines on multiple lines?


The Location column, set it to say, a fixed width of X characters, so
that when the list comes up, it will auto-wrap (like in Excel when you
have a column width)?