Because of slow attribute resolution problems described below the dashed
line, we wonder:

Is there value to having the eDirectory and the UserApp on the same server
or is it better to have them on separate nearby servers? (if they are on
the same OES-Linux server are LDAP queries performed "wholly in sillicon"
or do the queries still go out to the LAN?)

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In our environment (OES-Linux) we have OES; eDirectory; IDM Engine (3.5)
and MySql as well as JBoss with the Provisioning UserApp (3.5). The server
is not virtualised, has 2gb of memory and has two processors. At the times
when UserApp is being used the amount of IDM engine activity is very small
- apart from the solitary UserApp user, no-one is updating eDirectory objects
and no-one is authenticating to the tree

We find that even with trivial usage (only one user and less than 10 in-progress
workflows) the system seems to be rather slow at resolving eDirectory references.
For example: as forms are displayed on the browser by UserApp, when they
first arrive the name of the recipient and the initiator appear to be shown
as the DN and are then subsequently resolved into Given Name and Surname
and updated on the form. The resolving of the Given Name and Surname from
DN is slow enough that the user has to wait and can see the form changing
on the screen.

This seems then that maybe the access to the eDirectory by UserApp is not
working fast enough (however the eDirectory appears to perform well when
accessed externally using ConsoleOne or Mobile iManager or an LDAP browser).

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