Hey all...

I have an ESX Server that's 64 bit. I'm trying to install the UserApp on
SLES 10 SP 1.

I have the most recent download available for IDM 3.0.1 UserApp.

I am not logged in as the root and am following this process...

I use the SLES 10 installer sh file: ./SLES10-install.sh IdmUserApp.bin

It returns an error: sed: couldn't open a temporary file ./sedQLbgd1:
Read-only file system.

It prepares to install, extracts, then unpacks, then configures the
installer for the system's environment... which is followed by a bunch of

awk: error while loading shared libraries (libdl.so.2,libc.so.6,librt.so.1)

It finally fails after 6 ot 7 of the shared library errors.

Any suggestions? Is there a 64 bit version? This looks familiar with the
errors I was having installing iManager (until I installed the 64 bit
version). Just a thought.

Thanks in advance!