I appreciate that another thread (by Jesse Smith) has recently been started
on this matter, but I feel that another parallel thread might add some additional

1) Whenever we have a workflow arrive at a User Activity that has a Timer
: JBoss reports "Error Message: Timer already cancelled" and then the workflow
is ended prematurely.

This did not formerly happen at all, then it started happening intermittently
and now it happens always. The PRDs have not been altered nor has there
been any configuration alteration to JBoss or MySql.

2) We know this is not caused by incorrect setting of timer values because
we now have created the world's simplest Provisioning Request Definition
[it has a start; then a User activity with a hardcoded 5000 millisecond timeout
value; then a non-timer User Activity; then a finish]. Every new workflow
generated with this PRD immediately bombs out with the "Timer already cancelled"
message. We have tried hard coding it with 5 seconds rather than 5000 milliseconds,
but the result is the same.

3) Considering that we have about 30 PRDs and they all have timers on the
majority of their User Activities, this problem is preventing usage of the

4) This is happening on the production configuration which is: OES Linux
Server with IDM UserApp 3.5 and MySql as the DBMS. It has never happened
on our test sytem which is W2K3

If anyone has any ideas on how to overcome this, we would be very grateful.
For what it's worth I attach a snippet from one of the JBoss logs at the
foot of this posting

Regards - M

2007-09-05 12:15:01,554 ERROR [com.novell.soa.af.impl.LogEvent:logError]
[Workflow_Error] Initiated by cn=Lsca,ou=WCCUsers,o=WCCVault, Error Message:
Timer already cancelled., Process ID: 43b4fea9f3874852aac2306ae3fb650f, Process
Name: cn=New IT User Request,cn=RequestDefs,cn=AppConfig,cn=WCCUserApp, cn=IDM
DriverSet,ou=servers,o=srvs, Activity: Activity33, Recipient: cn=Lsca,ou=WCCUsers,o=WCCVault