Did Novell enhance the Search List Portlet in 3.5 so that it's more
"inline" with other search engines?

For example, in eGuide, I could defined a set of searchable items, yet,
when it found those items, the information displayed could be different.

Same thing with IBM's PeopleFinder (you can search for one set of
things, yet it can display other information).

Kinda like the phone book (you can look at name, or phone #, yet the
entries will display first name, last name, address, etc.)

It seems in 3.0.1 that What you can search on MUST also be identical to
what is displayed, which, IMO seems to be a major limitation.

AT least page 287 of the search list indicates that if the searchable
value is false, you cannot include it in the results list format.