IDM 3.5 on SLES 10.

I noticed for the first time last week when starting up jboss for the User
Application that it was telling me my activation would expire Sept. 1,
2007 (this Saturday!). I went into iManager and found that even though
everything else knew about it's activation, the user app driver was saying
"Activation required by: September 1, 2007". Looking at the activation
information, I see "Component: IDM User Application Service Driver
Version: 3.5X" as an activated component. We're not using provisioning.
I talked to someone in the activation office who passed on a trace to
engineering who made a few suggestions. Here's what they said were the
common causes:
1. the jboss serrver woith the userapplication on it was not started when
the driver was started.
2. the username and password for the jboss application is incorrect.
3. the jboss user application was not installed.
4. the host . port and or Context in the driver config are incorrect.
5. there is no connection from the machine running edir to the web App
6. the user given in the driver config is not a probvisioning user.

So I stopped both the driver and user app and restarted the user app
first. No luck. Everything else has been working in the User App web
page for the past few months, so I'm guessing if 2 - 6 were true, they
wouldn't be working. Is that a bad assumption? The only thing that makes
me wonder is that we changed the user app web page to use port 8443,
following TID 10100226. The port in the driver config was still set at
8081, but changing it to 8443 didn't matter. Could it be a certificate
issue with port 8443?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Going to have to call it in