I find an issue about usr-app forget password module.

I'm using IDM3.5. And after I configured Novell iManager for password
policy with universal password enabled, Forgotten Password enabled and the
action as Allow user to reset password (Requires challenge set and
Universal Password options).

But when I set the response in usr-app after the first time I logged in
and all the password policies valid.

And then I logout and click the forget password hyberlink and correctly
input the response answer but always get "Challenge Response failed." and
the output in jboss as:

10:08:49,200 ERROR [STDERR] java.lang.NullPointerException
10:08:49,200 ERROR [STDERR] at
com.novell.pwdmgt.jsf.util.MyChalRespLCM.promptQue stions(MyChalRespLCM.java:442)
10:08:49,201 ERROR [STDERR] at
com.novell.pwdmgt.jsf.util.MyChalRespLCM.doMethod( MyChalRespLCM.java:216)
10:08:49,201 ERROR [STDERR] at
com.novell.security.nmas.lcm.LCMManager.doMethod(U nknown Source)
10:08:49,201 ERROR [STDERR] at
com.novell.security.nmas.client.LoadAndRun.loadAnd RunAMethod(Unknown
10:08:49,201 ERROR [STDERR] at
com.novell.security.nmas.client.MAF.doMethod(Unkno wn Source)
10:08:49,201 ERROR [STDERR] at
com.novell.security.nmas.client.NMASClient.doNMASL ogin(Unknown Source)
10:08:49,201 ERROR [STDERR] at
com.novell.security.nmas.client.NMASClient.run(Unk nown Source)

Anybody knows what's going on? Did I miss something during the