I have a requirement to build a "review" form, which displays a list of
users of a 'role' (a role is a custom edir class object, much simular as a
When the owner starts the form, it displays his role to review in a
listbox, when selecting it, it must present a 'checkbox'-type list of
users which are member. This will allow him to review the list, and when
needed, decheck the 'user'. Finally, when submitting the form, the
'dechecked' users will be put in a flowvariable (object), and put forward
to the approval form. This will display the role and a list of users which
may be removed. After approving the removal process for these users, it
will be forwarded to the entitlement which processes this action.

I don't see a way to do this with the MVcheckbox or "CheckBoxPickList".
For some reason, it doesn't allow to be 'filled' dynamically from a custom
event, which is generated from the role-picklist box, and triggers a
GlobalQuery on the 'MVcheckbox' or 'CheckBoxPickList". This will generate
a error. Note that this event and query is working when using a
'picklist'-type controltype instead.

I have been reading this forum, which gives me alot more insight in this
material! Also, I find Rudy's grey-api very useful. But while I am still
investigating, I can't find a way to do this. Where should I look?

Thanks in advance!
Sander Luijt

PS: I am still finding a way on how to process this list of multiple users
(which are recipients) efficiently, but I think it must be possible to use
a entitlement for this. More on this later ;-).