I see a few people have asked this in the past and I have experimented
with the 3.0.1 of the product under WAS 6.x and it seemed to work

That was in sandpit and was not subjected to any terrific testing.

Now I am at the sharp end of the project and have to get UserApp 3.5
working reliably in the WAS/WPS environment.

Since Novell are now going to be dropping JBoss and distributing the
free version of WAS I can only assume that some work has already been
done to get this combination working.


a) Has anybody succesfully and relaibly got the UserApp, in any
version, running reliably on WebSphere?

b) Can anybody point me to any relevant documentation or provide any
"hints" and how I can accomplish this task.

Any assistance greately appreciated.

P.S. Just recompiling the WAR file does not work. It complains about
missing JAVA Classes so there is more to it than that.