I have a problem when I run the user provision.
I set the user's manager as the approver in the workflow.
The users are stored in the ou container. The CN of the ou container is
ou=users,o=ec. The object of user have the attribute OU to record the
user's department. And the user's approver is dependent on the department
which he is in. In other word, the user's approver is the manager of the
department which he is in. Because the manager is changing, the approver
of the user is uncertain sometime.

So I create a new ou named ou=ecous,o=ec. It contains all the
departments of the compony ec. And every object in the ecous has an
attribute named manager which record the manager of the department. So if
the manager is changed , what I do is change the attribute of this
department object.

But the question is that, what should I do to establish the
relationship between the users and ous in my eDirectory? At first, If the
user want to user the user provision, I search the approver(manager) of
the user according his department attribute. And then fill it to the
manager attribute of the user. But there is no way I tried.

So , Is there some best practice for this requirement? Any
suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks advance.