I have two fields, pick lists, and depending upon which pick list is used, I
want a third field to be set with the value of the chosen field.

I have this logic embedded in a form.InterceptAction script that acts upon
having the Submit button clicked. It is loaded as part of the onload event
for my cn field. (Asterisks included for later reference, not as code)

//Set JobCode Values when user chooses from the list sorted by Job
var j = form.getValue("jobDesc");
form.showMsg("j is set to " + j); ******
if (j && j != null) {
form.setValues("jobPicked",form.getValue("jobDesc" ))
form.showMsg("jobPicked is set to Desc " +
form.getValue("jobPicked")) *****
form.setValues("jobPicked",form.getValue("jobCode" ))
form.showMsg("jobPicked is set to Code " +

The output of the two "asterisked" lines are

"j is set to jobCode=100354,ou=job,ou=res,o=data"
(this is a valid value... the naming attribute of my "Job" objects is
"jobCode" not "cn".)
"jobPicked is set to Desc undefined"

What's preventing me from setting the value for "jobPicked" ?

Thanks for any insight.

All three fields are Text Pick Lists. All three reference the same