How do other organizations "force" their users to change their password
via the UserApp web portal? For example, the windows platform won't
necessarily follow the password policy defined in Universal Password, and
so you wouldn't want your users to change their domain password in windows
when it expires. If they do, it might not sync properly if it fails UP
policy rules.

Asked a different way, is there a way to disable the "your password has
expired, do you want to change it now" prompts that various systems
present to the user, so that they don't change their passwords in the
"wrong" spot.

I think I already know the answers (No, you can't suppress the prompts.
User Education and the fact that "things just won't work" is really the
only way to have everyone go to UserApp to change their passwords). I've
setup the coolsolutions Password Notification Service Driver to send email
reminders to assist in user education.

Is anyone else doing something different? How do you work around the
problem of users just doing what the computer prompts them to do when the
password expires?