Could you elaborate on the pseudo-code in Case 4, option 2 of the Form
Script API? ( i.e. detail how to implement the if/then/else/else logic in
the user app?)

I'm attempting something identical, and have not been able to get the
results. (I'm not using if/then/else/else logic, though I'd like to)

Alternative ==================

I'll tell you what I've attempted, and perhaps you can see a way out of what
I've done: (What follows is not intended to be actual code... any
resemblance is purely coincidental)

1. I have a single field "jobChoose", which I have set to be a boolean
Static List: Display values of "Job Code" or "Job Description." Key
Values of "code" or "desc"
On that field, I have an "onChange" fire.event "Choose"

2. I have two fields jobCode and jobDescription with their "visible"
attributes set to false by default. Each field is pre-populated with a
global query in an onLoad event. I want one of these fields to become
visible depending on the value of field.jobChoose when the event "choose"
fires.... and here's where I go astray (assuming I haven't already)

3. I'm attempting to put an "onEvent.choose" on each field... jobCode and
jobDescription... to test the value of jobChoose: (Again, this is not code
I'm attempting to use, just my non-java-scripter's attempt to lay out the

on the field "jobCode":
if jobChoose = code, set visible = true

on field "jobDescription:
if field.jobChoose=desc, set visible = true

bottom line, if anyone could help me implement EITHER Case 4, option 2, OR
my alternative approach, I would be eternally grateful.