I have a field in the DAL defined as type DN/DN Lookup. I actually have
several of these types of fields.

I then have both a create portlet & and PRD designed to populate these
fields (we started with portlets and now decided to move to PRD to
generate the naming attribute). However, ONE of these DN fields is not
acting the same between the create portlet and PRD. It is a field that
should contain the DN of a srvprvRequest object.

On my create portlet, the "Object Lookup" portlet finds and displays a
list of workflow objects and displays the Description. When I use the
same control on the workflow form, the "Object Lookup" portlet comes up
empty. I did an LDAP trace and I see that the appropriate objects are
returned by the server but nothing is displayed in the portlet. I also
noticed that the LDAP query doesn't include the Description attribute,
even though I chose "description" as the Display express on the form in

I know that is a lot of ~~~~ to read through. Hopefully it makes sense...
Any ideas, please forward along!