I have a few queries regarding Novell User App workflows in IDM 3.0.1.
will be great help if you can give us some pointers

a) When a workflow is Denied, it still requires the mandatory fields to be
completed before operation can be denied. Is it possible to override the
issue ?

b)There is a Re-assign button in the workflow page which can help
Re-assign the task completely to a direct report of the manager who has
currently logged in.
The users want it to be disabled or removed completely so that people
cannot Re-assign their task to anyone other than delegates?

d) The list of My Task in Request and Approvals tab are restricted to 5.
The users want this to be configured to 10 – 20, is it possible to
do so?

e)The calendar formatting in Workflow starts with a Monday while the users
want it to be starting with Sunday which is considered as a norm.

Any pointers to these will be of great help.
Appreciate your time