after upgrading from UserApp 3.0 to 3.0.1 we experience a delay of ~25
seconds before every LDAP operation after the UserApp runs for some
time. If we restart JBoss (clearing all cached data from the UserApp
administration is not enough) the delay is gone for some time until it
reappears. For example we get the delay when searching for entities -
the page takes from 25 to 27 seconds to load (~25 seconds seem to be
independend from the complexity of the search or the number of users in
the container). It even occurs while changing the password. The shared
pages are displayed very quick, only the LDAP operation takes some time.
We increased the portlet timeout from 25 secs to 120, to suppress
portlet warnings all over the page - but the delay is rather
inacceptable for our users. I don't want to end up restarting the
UserApp all day or move back to 3.0, so I'm looking forward for any
hints - maybe I can send some logs if someone tells me which log levels
to increase for this prob.

Thanks in advance,

Sebastian Rieger