In a mapping activity, I'm currently attempting to do an ldap query back
on the value of an attribute for a user

var userDN = approval_A.getUser();
var currentNA = IDVault.get(userDN , 'user', 'oBASvc2Status');

But when this code attempts to run, I receive the following ldap error
as it would appear its trying to delmit the search request

cn=cn\=cb00,ou=DSE,ou=Active,ou=Workforce,o=Commun ities-CS1,ou=ContactSets,ou=,ou=Active,ou=Workforce,o=Co mmunities:
[LDAP: error code 34 - NDS error: illegal ds name (-610)]

I've also tried stripping (using substring) the leading cn= but then I
end up with
"cb00,ou=DSE,ou=Active,ou=Workforce,o=Communit ies-CS1,ou=ContactSets,ou=,ou=Active,ou=Workforce,o=Co mmunities"

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance!

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