I realise its grey, but in my onchange action for a field I'm trying to
retrieve and set a number of values for a user
(so the operator can confirm this is in fact the user they wish to act
upon) but I receive the following error:

Username: An error 'TypeError:
response._data.raw.getEntity.value.map.a.map[attr] has no properties'
was encountered while executing the script 'in IDVault.get()'

The code in question is called from an external script, and is designed
to populate various fields when the Username field (a DNQuery field) is

this.populateDeactivateForm = function(IDVault, form) {
// Entering
if (IDVault && form && form.getValue("Username").length != 0)
this.logHandler("populateDeactivateForm: entering.");
else {
this.logHandler("populateDeactivateForm: leaving (error)");
return null;

var userDN = form.getValue("Username").toString();

try {
var dob = IDVault.get("",userDN,"user","cn");

} catch (e) {
// Error
errorString = e.toString();

Thanks in advance!

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