We have a problem the emails generated from a triggered workflow being sent
with only the token names instead of values only for newly created users.
When a new user is created that has a specific department number a workflow
is triggered which notifies approvers of the request, however the email only
contains the token names as below:
Recipient: $recipientFullName$

Recipient Company: $recipientCompany$

Recipient Location: $recipientLocation$

Recipient Department: $recipientDepartment$

A transfer of any existing user into this department triggers the same
workflow (through the same rule as above) but results in the email being
formatted correctly as below:

Recipient: Arnaldo Atestd

Recipient Company: Acme

Recipient Location: Downtown

Recipient Department: Circulation Metro

This same workflow can be initiated by anyone manually through the user app
and when they do, then the email to the approvers is also formatted

So when I turn off the user app driver, migrate a new user into the identity
vault, then start the user app again, the email is once again formatted
correctly. So it appears that on new users the workflow and resulting email
is processing faster than the DAL can make the user's attributes available
and results in only the token names being sent in the email as if the user
attributes didn't exist. The actual workflow request is normal and can be
approved/disapproved without error.

The User App driver is being serviced by a dedicated SLES10 box with 2 other
servers in the tree. The user application is running on a different server.
Only 2800 or so users total.

Anyone have any thoughts on how to fix this?