One of our rule in an IDM driver kick-starts 5 workflows in the
following sequence:
WF1 -> WF2 -> WF3 -> WF4 -> WF5

I could see in the jboss server log that the workflows are started in
the sequence exactly like defined in the rule.

However, in User Application, under 'My Tasks' of the relevant user's
manager, the sequence for Task/Resource of the corresponding 5 workflows
appear to be random (which do not follow the order the workflows got
kick-started). If the workflow is triggered by user manually by
submitting request form through user application, the sequence seem to
be in place.

Due to certain reason, we need to ensure the resource/task corresponds
to the first workflow being kick-started by the driver appear to be
above of the other following 4 in the 'My Tasks' list of manager. How do
we achieve that?

Thank you!