I'm trying to call an IDVault method in a custom written JS file but I'm
receiving the following error
Error ``IDVault is not defined'' [xs] in file
<>'', line 86, character 0.

The custom JS file has been included and methods can be called successfully.

The method goes something like this.

try {
if (log) {
YAHOO.log("Querying for User");
userExists = IDVault.globalQuery("FamilyName", "UserExists",
{"FirstName":{request_form:form.getValue("FamilyNa me")},
"LastName":{"LastName":{request_form:form.getValue ("GivenName")}}});

} catch (error) {
if (log) {
YAHOO.log("Exception when connecting to IDVault service " +

Looks like its something to do with the scope of IDVault. Any

Thanks again!


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