I must be going crazy here, but I cannot get this working.

What I want is for the Guest to have two pages, the Welcome page and the
Directory Search page. That should be straightforward. I have UserApp
running on SLES9. Going by UserApp/Help/About, it's build 18784.

First change:

Admin -> Page Admin -> Directory Search
[x] Guest Pages


Second change:

Admin -> Portlet Applications -> Search List
Settings -> Options -> Require Authentication
[x] False


Flush cache, clear browser cache, restart application, restart server,
etc.. All that's been done. This looks correct, but the Guest only sees
the Welcome page, not the Directory Search. If I remove Welcome from the
list, then the Guest sees nothing in the list of pages.

I did this originally with Seafang beta 3, and tested it when I upgraded
to Seafang RC1, so I know it can (or could) be done. But with the actual
released IDM35 version, I can't get it to show Directory Search in the
list of pages. And since the Seafang stuff all expired in May, I can't
even go back and compare settings or changes to see if I missed

I did try adding Directory Search to the content of the Welcome page,
and *that* worked, so it's taking changes, just not the change I'm
trying to make here.


David Gersic dgersic_@_niu.edu

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