In IDM 3.5 we've created some DAL relationship objects with cascading
feature enabled through the manager attribute of the User entity. We've got
the following problem when we are looking up for cascading Users in UserApp:
in a generic sample workflow if a top manager search for cascading Users
using patterns filters (ex.: 'a*', 'wil*') that users only show up when the
their own managers are also reached by the pattern filter. Ex:

Very simple scenario:

Malcon is the manager of Mary
Mary is the manger of Milka and Marcel

If Malcon is searching for Marcel using the filter 'Ma*', Marcel's manager,
Mary, will be in the results so Marcel's record will be visible by Malcon.
But if Malcon is looking for Milka with the filter 'Mi*', Milka's record
will not show up because her manager, Mary, can't be reached by the filter.

Is that a bug ?