Got a strange behavior from the SearchList-Portlet:

Entity (Created using Designer 2.0.1):
Organizational Role

Occupants no search / DN-Lookup
CN search / String
Description search / String

Uploaded this definitions using Designer 2.0.1 to eDirectory and customized
the SearchList-Portlet to query for the Entity.

When I started a search for Organizational Roles, CN as the first search
attribute was shown, but a DN-Lookup UI-Control was offered.

I extraced the XML code from the entity in eDirectory (XMLdata) and I
noticed, that Occupants was the first attribute in the definitions.

I reordered the attributes that the appear as CN, Description, Occupants and
then wrote back the XMLdata to eDirectory.

Now I get a String-Field for input when I open the search.

It seems, that when starting a search, UI-Control of the first attribute is
offered by default, even if the first attribute is not defined
as "searchable".

Posted as BUG 283696 also.


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