I am seeing some odd behavior in IDM 3.5 related to the create portlet.

We are testing a self-service application where new users can enter some
basic information about themselves and get a user object created through the
create portlet. The portlet is configured with two screens - one to get
names, telephone number, and an email address; a second screen to get the
new user's password.

However, when multiple users do this at once, the create portlet begins to
act oddly. For example, the second or third concurrent user might get the
password screen first, instead of the initial name/phone/email page. Also,
in the JBoss server log, I see messages like this:
2007-05-15 13:58:49,889 INFO
[com.novell.srvprv.impl.portlet.create.CreatePortle t] The portlet is in an
invalid state: mode = null. The most probable cause is session timeout.
But the user's session has only been active for a minute or two.

Has anyone else seen this behavior?