In my User Application interface (IDM 3.0.1) I've tried to display the
attribute "Group Membership" of the users.

At DAL I've defined the type of attribute "DNLookUp" and shows the
attributes "CN", "Description" and "L" of the groups that are the values
of "Group Membership".

But at the list of the research resault the display of this attribute get
a very strange resault : All the letters "l" were replaced by the value of
the attribute "L".

For example, a group named "Conseiller" with CN: "Conseiller",
Description: "Conseiller special" and L: COA.

At the list it shows "ConseiCOACOAer ConseiCOACOAer speciaCOA COA".

At the window popup of user's information the display is correcte
"Conseiller Conseiller special COA".

Is that a bug of User Application ?