We are preparing to make a migration to Universal Password and are migrating
a small group of users to test.

One of the people that I've tried to migrate gets a -1416 error every time
he tries to change his password.

I also get the following error in the jboss log:

2007-05-11 10:49:12,125 ERROR
[com.novell.pwdmgt.jsf.util.PasswordHelper:logPassw ordChange]
[Forgot_Password_Change_Failure] cn=DTarangioli,ou=IS,ou=San_Jose,o=GS
changed the password of cn=DTarangioli,ou=IS,ou=San_Jose,o=GS failed. Error
#: -1,416, Error Msg:

Other users migrated just fine. If I remove UP from this user, he is able
to change his password without a problem.

I was able to set him to UP, change his password as an administrator through
iManager and then we were able to change his password once with the user
app. After that, we get the -1416 error every time.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Charlie Silverman
Globalstar, Inc.

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