I have a curious situation. I've built a DAL-Entity based on CommExec to use
it via searchlist and within some workflows. Using the searchlist, the
ObjectSelector works pretty fine, I can see and search all attributes
declared as searchable and get back exactly what I need (a list of my
objects based on the search).

Within a workflow I want to DNLookup my DAL-Entity from the request form.
Now coming from a workflow, the ObjectSelector is empty (no
search-attributes and no filter-condition fields are shown, only an empty
table with two columns).

I checked each and every setting in the DAL a couple of times and did not
find any difference to other DNLookups (based on Group and User) used in
other workflows. As the ObjectSelector works from the searchlist it should
do work from a workflow also. The misfunction is based on the Entity, as I
changed to another in this workflow as well as I cannot DNLookup my Entity
from annother workflow (no matter if request or any approval form).


Which logging options should I set to which value to exactly see what

Did I miss any switch to enable CommExec to be used by the ObjectSelector
when coming from a workflow (guess not).

Any other hints?


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