I’m startin to install in a production environment the IDM suite
and I have some questions about the scenario I’m facing. In my
test environment everything was installed in the same machine, and
everything worked perfectly. Now I have to set it up in a way I never
did before. There are 3 machines involved:
1. Win 2003 server with eDirectory 8.8.1, Identity Manager 3.0.1 with
Provisioning Module and User Application
2. Win 2003 server with Jboss (installed by the Provisioning Module of
3. Windows client with iManager Mobile and Designer 2.0

The server 2 (the one with Jboss) is also used as Web Server for other
applications, and runs Tomcat 5 (with different configurations and
services for each application) and Java 5 with a JAVA_HOME set up among
the environmental variables (while in my test environment NO java home
has been set up during the default installation and the system was
running Java 1.5.0_06 installed in Java/jre1.5.0_06/bin and JRE
1.4.2_06 installed by UA in Novell/jre/bin). The server is also running
another Jboss service. Here my questions:
1. Is it possible to have 2 Jboss instances on the same machine, based
on different Java versions?
2. Could the JAVA_HOME set to java v.5 be a problem for the UA and
JBoss? What can I do to avoid conflicts?
3. Since the User Application also installs Java 1.4.2_06, could this
installation give problems to the other applications?
4. Should I set up a new Java_home pointing to v1.4.2_06 for the UA?
And will the other applications on the server still work with 2

Obvioulsy I’ll run tests for this scenario, but I greatly
apreciate any hint!
Thanks in advance