Environment: IDM3.5 Build-revision 18784
When assigning more than one 'recipients' in requesting a teamresource and
go to the next screen (the workflow-form), I get the error printed below.
(it works, when assigning just one 'recipient')
The teamrequest and workflow is configured properly, so I cant explain the
error. What's wrong?
Sander Luijt
(replace 'AT' with '@')

"Failed to retrieve data items for provisioning request form.

Error evaluating start data items for Provisioning Request id
[cn=grantGoOWorkflow_BR,cn=RequestDefs,cn=AppConfig ,cn=UserApplication,cn=aoIdmDriverSet,ou=drivers,o u=services,o=ao]
version [65]

Dataitem [recipient] with expression [recipient] failed to evaluate.

Error Evaluating Script

Error Evaluating Script com.novell.soa.script.mozilla.javascript.EcmaError :
ReferenceError: "recipient" is not defined.

ReferenceError: "recipient" is not defined."