Hi V-M,

You have to XML manually escape charcters like < into &lt; or > into &gt; if you put HTML markup into the field label.
Also the markup you assign to the HTML control through the HTML property or with a field.qsetValue() must contain correct markup.
Please show the full script that you use to set the HTML.


>>> On 17/04/2007 at 14:08, in message <pan.2007. (at)gmail.com>, V-M Luotonen<vm.luotonen@ at gmail.com> wrote:


I noticed that when I am uson html field on form
- it gives me also some settings

Link to HR Application"
editable="false" required="false"
Link to HR Application style="display:
>Link to HR Application

I have formed html link info in start section forming http-link
with attributes and text
<a href="http-link">Link to HR Application</a>

I would like to show only the actual link on form...
without strange settings info..
Is the some bug on html type form field?