Hi !

I have userapplication running with idm 3.0 in my DEV env. we had a change
in tree design.

Current i have
_______ + Employee
_______ + Consultant
_______ + Employee
_______ + Consultant

My UA used to listen to Employee.Dept (for some strange reason )

Now we will have
_____ + Employee
_____ + Consultant

And now it has to listen to Company

I started ./configupdate.sh and
1) changed root container, user container, group container
2) changed the admin user to be one of the users in the new container.
3) made the admin user as trustee of the new containers.
4) Changed the driver admin in
Now when a user in the new container logins it cannot see the Org tree and
throws following error in the trace file

03:31:07,380 ERROR [EboPortalAggregationHelper] Denied access to this
framework element.
com.sssw.fw.exception.EboSecurityException: Denied access to this
framework element.
com.sssw.portal.manager.EboPortalManager.getShared PageInfo(EboPortalManager.java:2287)

The same set of errors for admin user too.

Reverting to old settings works flawlessly