1) Am using User App 3.5 and Designer 2.0.0 Build 20070315

2) In a Provisioning Request Workflow I have Workflow Status Activity in
which I set the Workflow Status Property to a value of 'approved'. Subsequent
to that Workflow Status Activity I have a Mapping Activity which contains
a function that depends upon the status of the Workflow being approved or

3) I have discovered that whenever I use the <<process.getApprovalStatus()>>
function, the result is <<processing>>.
Whereas if I use <<flowdata.get('IDM_COMPLETED_APPROVAL_STATUS')> >, the result
is <<approved>>.

4) Can anyone explain why there is a difference here and perhaps confirm
that it's reasonable to interrogate <IDM_COMPLETED_APPROVAL_STATUS/>?

BRgds - M